My goal is to use my art and writing to instill in people the value of travel and appreciation for diversity.

I believe in living as full a life as possible in order to be your truest self. Much of my personal fulfillment in this matter has come from following my itinerary, most of which is travel-related. I draw and write about my experiences, and I share them in an attempt to inspire others to go wherever their heart leads them.

Travel changes your life; it opens your eyes and gives you new perspectives. I believe it’s important for self- and global awareness, and I do everything I can to get this message across to others.

No matter where I go or what I do, I strive to share love and kindness with everyone I encounter, and to do work that matters. My day job is to create ephemera that helps people get through the day; by moonlight I try to make things that are more lasting, to help people get through life. I want to change people’s worlds for the better in any way I can, and I want to make a positive impact on the world as a whole.



I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design before getting started in the professional world. Since then I have also earned a Certificate in Digital Publishing and a Certificate in Typeface Design.

I have worked in publication design for 10 years now, in the publishing and travel industries. My primary focus has been page and text layout, including multilingual typesetting, but I also have exposure with many other aspects of the creative process. This includes proofreading, production work, art direction, ad design, marketing materials, advertorials, infographics, web assets, UI design and a website redesign.


In spring of 2019, I returned to sail with Oceania, and am currently between contracts.

I am open to hearing about any freelance or volunteer opportunities involving typography, lettering, writing, travel, and people/customer service—I enjoy working with faces just as much as typefaces!


My life will continue to revolve around travel. I aspire to be a Flight Attendant by my next birthday (in September), so I can work with people while I travel. I look forward to also making a name for myself as a writer and artist, sharing my passion for letterforms and languages, with the eventual goal of earning a living from my own creativity, on my own terms.

Even if I have to stay still for a little while again, I will never become stagnant or complacent. No matter what my circumstances, I always challenge myself to explore and grow in some capacity.


I believe in having a job that doesn’t feel like work. Those 40-ish hours a week for 40-ish years of your life should be spent doing something you’re passionate about. That’s your life, and you should enjoy it. And if you’re going to spend your time and energy to help someone else accomplish a mission, it should be for a cause you believe in. Furthermore, your talents should be utilized to their fullest, and your contributions should be valued. Accept nothing less.

I believe in doing work that matters. I have learned that I am not fulfilled unless I feel what I’m doing is meaningful and important, but I realize that sometimes the end product itself is arbitrary. In those cases, what matters instead is how you grow and develop along the way, and how you express yourself.

I believe words matter. Language is powerful, and whether written or drawn or spoken, words need to be crafted carefully and treated with respect. I feel called to communicate and express ideas as clearly and articulately as possible, through the combination of written word and illustrated image.

You’re familiar with the phrase “It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it.” I disagree—I think it’s both. Fine artists use paint, brushes, color, texture and pressure to create a picture and express their point of view. Words are my picture, and my palette. I use words to create imagery, and I create imagery using words.

Check out my Artist Statement for more on what I’m going for artistically and how I accomplish it.

I believe in making the most of every opportunity. I believe in grabbing what you want out of life, because nothing is handed to you, nor guaranteed. Don't wait for things to happen; make them happen.

I believe that good enoughshould never be good enough. I always strive to better myself and my environment.

I believe that travel and education are two of the most important things in life. Travel challenges everything you ever thought was normal. It tests you as a person, forces you to adapt to new ways, and therefore inspires growth and self development. And with nationalism on the rise, travel is more important now than ever. We need fewer citizens of countries and more citizens of Earth, because the entire planet is our home, and the global populous are our neighbors. We may all be from different places, have different backgrounds and beliefs and values, but that is what makes us interesting and also what makes us human. Our differences should be celebrated, not discriminated. I want to see things from other perspectives in order to understand where people are coming from, in an effort to be a better citizen. 

Through my travels I have discovered how incredibly fortunate I am to have had the hand I was dealt at birth. Unfortunately, in many places, education is not a right but a privilege. It should be more highly valued and more freely given. I would love to be part of bringing it to other people. Knowledge and the means for self sufficiency are empowering.


Things I value most are meaning, purpose, authenticity, respect, growth, quality, detail, efficiency, organization, structure, creativity, travel, and education. These values govern the majority of decisions I make, both personally and professionally.


My bare essentials are scraps of paper, pens and pencils, good coffee, and old music. I must always have something with which to capture my thoughts and to express myself.

I think in lyrics, and may have actually been a jukebox in a previous life.

Generally I only like to consume media that I feel will help me grow in some way. This goes for music, books and movies. I am drawn to music from the mid-century, especially the 1960s. I’ve detailed why in my Artist Statement, as the era is a major influence on my art. I enjoy reading books on typography, graphic design, and color. It thrills me to discover why things are the way they are, especially when it comes to the science and history of visual communication. I love sci-fi movies because I am always intrigued by how the writers create their own rules and laws of governing those universes, and because the stories always have a message to convey.

in conclusion

I don’t know exactly what the cards hold for me next, but I know who I am. I’m a dreamer and a doer. I’m an old soul and a free spirit. I’m an eternal optimist. I’m an explorer of worlds and of ideas. I’m a lover, not a fighter—but I’m also not a doormat. I’m a traveler and a typographer. I’m a visual communicator. Above all, I’m a work-in-progress, but I’m trying to get a little bit better every day.

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